The third count finishes with the drop, you’re down there with all your weight and you pop to start on the first snare, up and forward.

Shoutout to all the people with physical and psychological parts missing. You balance to keep living.  There are ups and downs to prove life. When you move something on the right, you got to move something on the left.

Pop on the first count that’s the snare move, again second count, lock on the third which is a bass drum and hold that position during the fourth. Do it at half, full  or double tempo.


Classical Rhythms Count

  • Salsa says girls start with the right, boys with the left.
    The count is one ‘and’ two. It swings. That means it changes tempo every count.
  • Samba goes one two count. No break. It doesn’t swing. The tempo is constant. Clockwise with the right and anti-clockwise on the left.


You have to repeat the six step twice before it fits once evenly at twelve counts.

STOMP with your hands/feet on the bass drum. Call it a lock.

START with your hand/foot on the snare drum. That’s pop.

See 90°- 45° = 45° 
Angles that aren’t right have to be half
A change of direction can’t be more perfect than perpendicular.

Your hand or foot is on the same point in space for two of four counts in the music.

One, two, stop, wait. Even the wait is a beat of the music. You are really changing direction on each count so the wait is to break the beat with no motion.

Either ride the beat by moving on each count or break the tempo for precisely the counts you think of.


 You can be strong from your own weight. To stay in alignment you keep your head above your feet when you walk or stand.  Straighten up the back bone. The thing is, the pressure you feel when you are repeating movements for fitness isn’t as fluid as dance. Keep in mind your head is heavy and your skeleton needs to be in specific configuration to accomplish your maneuver. The heaviest are femur on the upper leg. Very important are the hips and the head. Science concludes humans are getting lighter skeletons from lack of vigorous exercise. The idea is to strengthen the sponge. You’re doing this for your children epigenetically. If it ever hurts, change the position by shaking that feeling away.

When you want to see someone dance, stay still.

Skateboarding’s got ‘goofie’ so spin the way that makes you dizziest.
Studies suggest that approximately 10% of the world population is left-handed.

Go, go, freeze.

Those are two impulses and an anchor.  That is three shapes. In the final count, flex.

Warning: Dance videos can speed heart conditions. Breathe slowly.

‘So the Earth spins and spins around the Sun, make the most of your center of gravity. ‘




You can set the video to slow motion.

COUNT PRICE: That is how much each move is worth. Imagine a dance that lasts five seconds. That can be ten moves or more. 300 seconds, 600 counts and you have an average song length. Get that memorized in less than ten hours. That’s ten a minute on minim’ wage somewhere making that around eight cents a move.

Try and charge or pay eight cents a move or more. All this needs disclaiming. What happens when you make it up and memorize as you go along? You listen to the song and rewind. That’s work. Hence therefor hitherto the aforementioned business model has to break the beat and loop to continue the tempo. That makes five bucks when you teach two people a hot sixteen bars.

Serve as video email attachments and offer clean up services for disused floor space.

Move what’s not there, equally.

An Eritrean once said, “Woman shakes the hips. Man, the shoulders.”